Bizarre artworks of ‘Bad Graphic Design’

A gallery of bizarre artworks is on display in Melbourne’s CBD, where the artist behind the art has created a collection that’s all his own.

The collection, called ‘Bad graphic design’ includes artwork by the artist, including an original collage created in a single take.

His art has been described as a ‘mildly surrealist’ and ‘creepy’ but he’s a ‘huge fan’ of art history and says he hopes to return to the genre in the future.

It’s all about a story, but also a kind of story that we all want to tell, he said.

We all want our stories to be told.

He said his art is a reflection of what he’s seeing in his own life.

‘The world we live in, the world we’re living in right now, is all about the story of what’s going on.

My work is about the people who are dying around us, about what’s happening to the planet and what’s being done to it, and how that’s affecting our lives.’

In his artworks, the artist has created collages that are all his or her own.

One shows a man with a dead fish swimming in a pool of water, another shows a baby playing on a beach, and another shows two people being dragged from their home.

He said he has no plans to sell his work.

“I’m a bit scared of losing it,” he said, when asked if he had any plans to turn it into anything else.

But he does want to show his artwork to the world.

Mr Lee said he had no interest in turning his artwork into a museum, but wanted to share his art with people.

”It’s a story I want to share with the world, and if that’s something you’re interested in I’d love to have your contact details,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

In the gallery, which opens to the public on Tuesday, he will have to work from a cardboard cutout that he designed himself.

I’m going to have to be honest and honest with myself, he told reporters.

That’s why I’m so happy that we’ve created this gallery, he added.

There are other artists in the gallery who have made similar work, including artist James Bannister, who uses a 3D printer to create his artwork.

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