The Futurist’s Graphic Design is for Everyone

A few months ago, I was working on a project with my colleague and friend, Dan Pashler.

It involved creating a visual essay called “The Futurists” (a title we decided was a bit of a tease for the upcoming book), but also a few other elements we were interested in using.

We decided that we wanted to show off a bit more of the work that went into creating the book, and we wanted the book to look good.

So, we went to our local fabric store to get a few fabrics and began to design a few different pieces.

The result of the process was a graphic design book, called The Futurologists.

The book is a collection of stories from the futurist movement.

The stories range from classic, historical and futuristic stories, to contemporary perspectives, to personal essays.

A few of the books have already sold out, but this one is currently available for pre-order.

It features some very different designs, and I thought it would be fun to showcase them in a way that would be both entertaining and informative.

Below are a few of them, and the book itself.

A few of my favorite items: Pillow cover, by Chris Mays, from The Futuralist Book, The Futures of Art and Architecture (FoA) book.

Pit-side poster, by Mike Kors, from My Frugal Home (a book about his house and what he does for a living) book, The Future of Furniture (a collection of his house designs).

Pizza box, by Michaela Hager, from A Place in the Sky (an article about Michaela’s work as a futuromaker).

A large poster by Chris Wray, from How to Make a Futurism Poster book, Futuristas (an encyclopedia of futurists).

Tiny poster, from a story called The Story of a Robot, by Tom Stoppard, a futurologist who designed and built robots in his spare time.

This poster was made by Dan Pashesler, and is available for purchase here.

The book also includes a series of articles that explore the work of futurolists like Pashlers, Hager and Stoppards.

They explore topics such as the history of futurity, how futurisms came to be, the origins of futuism, and how futuros can influence the way we think about technology. 

It also includes an essay from Dan, a story about his experience making the cover of Futurismo, a book about the book and its author, Michael Abrash.

It’s available here.

The book will also include a selection of images by artists like John K. and David A. Scott, as well as a collection by designer Mike Kots.

The collection will be available to pre-orders starting Friday. 

The book itself is available in print, ebook, and Kindle formats. 

A selection of the designs in the book can be seen here, and a selection is available here, as are the stories and images on the cover.

You can find more information on the book’s site and pre-ordering page.

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