‘Pellegrini is not only the manager but also the coach’

When Italy play France in the friendly match next week, Maurizio Pellegrino will be in his third season as Italy coach.

His first was as Italy’s boss in 2006, and his second was as the boss of his country at the 2010 World Cup.

But Pellegri, whose father was a coach at a national level, is now the manager of his home country.

He also has a lot of experience in coaching, having been Italy’s coach in charge of the 2006 World Cup and the 2013 European Championships.

“Pellegere has won the title of coach of the year twice in the past two years, which shows the level of quality he is,” Italian Football Association president Francesco Guidolin said.

“His knowledge of football is unparalleled, and it is obvious that he has great experience in this field.”

He added: “The most important thing is the relationship he has with his players.

The coaches are his friends and he will always do everything he can to help them to be as successful as possible.”

The relationship between the coach and his players, and the atmosphere at the stadium, has been crucial in getting the team to where it is.

“He will bring all of his knowledge to the team, he has been the captain of Italy and he has a very good relationship with the players,” said Francesco Pazzaglia, Italy’s assistant coach.

“I am sure that we can build something special.

This team can be a great team, and we have to build a strong foundation for it.”

In a country where fans are generally known as ‘Battaglia’, Pellegru is a unique name in Italian football, a former midfielder and a player for the Italian national team.

The Italian team has had a number of different coaches since the first team was formed in 1982, but Pellegrin is the first one to be the coach.

He will be the second coach of Italy in his seventh season, after his predecessor, Gianni Infantino, who took over in 2004.

“We know that we will be lucky to have a great coach and the fans will support him very well,” Pazzagni said.

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