‘I’m not afraid of anything’: Indian artist on life as an artist and how she has to live with racism

“I’m a black woman,” says Aditi Mehta, who, at 26, has been working in visual arts for over 10 years.

“I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in a world where you are forced to do anything you want.”

Aditi Mehya, 27, is a member of the Delhi-based collective Black and White and a designer at the digital media agency Digital Design Associates.

She has been an artist for more than five years, but her first full-time work was commissioned in 2010 by a fashion label, and the design of a poster on the label’s website was chosen for the “Dewaya” exhibition in New York.

The poster features images of women, some of whom are wearing makeup.

“It was very subtle,” says Mehtas mother, Pradeep.

“We were looking for an image of someone who looked good and was not dressed in the traditional way.

We found the one in the photo.”

The poster has now been displayed at the exhibition for the last two months.

Aditi and Pradeem, both in their early 20s, are part of a collective of young women, many of whom have been in the industry for a long time.

In a country where caste, religion, sexuality, caste politics, religion and caste identity are all closely woven, the two women, whose stories span multiple generations, have been given a platform to share their experiences and work on their ideas.

While the concept of a “Black and White” poster was born in the United States, the concept is not new in India.

In 2013, an exhibition of posters from the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s was held in the National Museum of India.

It was attended by artists such as Shruti Devi, Rupak Prakash and Ravi Kumar.

But while Aditi has always had a desire to see her work on display, she was never quite sure what to expect.

“The whole concept was very strange,” says Pradeeme.

“As an artist, I thought it was a bit odd.

But then I started seeing the posters on the streets, and I saw that they were so common.

It made me realise I needed to have my own experience.”

Aditya Mehti has been drawing for five years and was inspired by the Black and Whites poster, and by the experience of being black.

Her father, Pradesh, was also a painter and photographer, and Aditi, who is a social studies student, is interested in learning more about Indian history and culture.

Pradeep Mehtis son is a graphic designer.

He and his partner are working on an advertisement for a designer, and Pradeshr was inspired to design a Black and Yellow Poster for the exhibition.

“He is really proud of it,” Pradeeps father says.

“Every time I see it, I feel proud.”

Pradeeps mother is working on her own poster.

“She wants to have her own experience,” he says.

Adityas mother is keen to learn more about the history of the Black community in India, and her mother Pradeshp has her own experiences to draw on.

She recalls the time when she was a child in the southern city of Chennai, and that her parents, who had migrated from India to England, were asked by the government to leave their homes.

“They were told they would be killed,” she says.

The first time I saw an advertisement was during the riots in Gujarat.

I remember the policemen coming up and telling us to leave.

I felt like I had been raped.

I don’t know why they did that, but I thought that was horrible.

I remember my mother being told that she was being sent to a prison, but the government said that she should not be punished.

“That was my first exposure to what racism really is,” she said.

Adityas parents were eventually able to get back on their feet, and he says that, after their return to India, they decided to move to the US, where they began working as graphic designers.

Adi Mehtah and Prasams father was also forced to leave India because of the riots, and was forced to flee for the United Kingdom in 1984.

His wife Pradeshwala, who was born and raised in the UK, and who works in marketing, became his legal guardian and guardian of his child, Prayshwala, and their four children.

Pradeshwali says that Aditya has always been the most curious person.

“Her eyes are really interested, and she has always asked questions,” he recalls.

“Even when I ask her questions, she says that she can’t find the right answer.

She is the kind of person who likes to know the truth.”

The history of

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