‘I’m just a flower’: Graphic designer creates beautiful flower art

Graphic designer Sarah Tisch is a flower art artist who uses flower imagery to express her personal style.

Tisch said that she started her career as a graphic designer in 2011, and that she began to draw the most basic flower designs around the time that she moved to New York City to work as a designer for clients.

She began drawing flower illustrations when she was 15 years old, and began drawing them as an outlet for her creative side in an effort to find out what others were into.

Tich said that at the time, she drew a lot of flowers for herself, but that her clients often wanted to draw something more elaborate or creative.

“The more I drew, the more I liked it, and then my interest started to expand and it was more like, ‘This is cool, I want to draw this,'” she said.

Tsch said that when she started doing flower art, she was surprised by how much she drew, and she said that her work had a certain charm to it.

“I was like, This is so much more than just flowers,” she said, adding that she always had a goal in mind.

Tch said that the more she drew flowers, the closer she became to the people who were drawn to her work, and when she realized that her flowers were drawing people’s attention, it became a creative outlet for the two of them.

Tsh said that during one of her first commissions, she took a photograph of a young man who was drawing flowers.

“He drew me a flower that said ‘I love you,’ and then he put the flower on my phone,” Tsh recalled.

“It was like the next day, I started getting messages from people that were saying, ‘Oh my God, I got a flower on Facebook.'”

Tsh also drew a bouquet of flowers, which she said became a kind of a flower garden in her studio, and in her work as well.

“A lot of people like to have a place to draw, and I’m a lot more into that when I’m drawing than when I am not drawing,” she explained.

“When I’m not drawing, I draw because I’m really into that space, and you’re like, Yeah, this is really happening.

You can feel it in my work.”

She added that she loves to draw people, but she also loves to express herself.

“There are times where you can just be really spontaneous, and it’s really nice when people are like, You know what, this artist is really taking me in a whole new direction,” she added.

Tish said that because of her desire to express himself in his work, he has also been drawn to the work of artists such as Andy Warhol, and said that his work is just as important to him as hers.

“If you see Andy Warham’s work, you’ll see that he’s also drawn flowers, but he’s drawn all these flowers, and there’s no emotion behind it,” Tisch told Vice News.

“And I’m so proud of my flowers, because I have such an emotional connection with them, and so I wanted to express that emotion.”

Tisch, who has since moved to Philadelphia, said that in addition to creating her own flower designs, she is also inspired by the art of the great artists such a Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Andy Warburton, and Michaelangelo.

She said that some of the flowers in her works are designed with her own ideas about what flowers should be, and some of them are meant to represent people she knows.

“They’re my own, they’re not mine,” she told Vice.

“Because it’s just my own personal experience. “

But also, sometimes I’ll just make them up and call them flowers,” Tich added.

“Because it’s just my own personal experience.

And so I try to capture that in the artwork.

I think it really speaks to the human experience.”

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