How to be the best graphic designer on the market

What does it take to be a top graphic designer?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to what it takes to be one.


Know your niche.

Are you designing for a large or small client?

Are you a designer or a website owner?

Are the clients you’re designing for the same or different types of clients?


Understand your target audience.

Are your clients the same demographics or different ones?

Are they people who are interested in your design and are looking for something different?


Learn about your client.

Are they a brand, a company, or a group of people?

What makes them tick?

Are there any unique qualities about their work?

Are their values and goals aligned with yours?

Are your expectations aligned with theirs?

Are both of you open to collaboration?

Are things like style and style cues relevant to the client’s goals?

Are people in the room when you make a decision?

Are decisions based on context and feedback from people you trust?


Know what’s going on with your client’s design.

Are there issues, problems, or concerns?

Are any changes needed?

Are deadlines and budgeting a factor?

Are team members on your team having fun and enjoying their work as much as they would with a traditional client?


Know when to take a break.

Is your work getting harder or easier?

Is it getting more refined or more basic?

Is there a new idea, new feature, or new style to try?

Is your focus shifting?

Is the work being pushed out to a new audience?

Are new ideas and tools becoming more prevalent?

Are we seeing a shift toward a more responsive work environment?

Are developers getting a better sense of what their job entails?

Are users using a new platform or app or are they just waiting for a new project to start?


Know who you are and what you want.

Are people who know you or are you finding it harder to fit in?

Is that a feeling you’re feeling on a regular basis or is it something you’re experiencing?

Are other people finding it difficult to get along with you?

Are others trying to get you to conform to their expectations?

Are it hard to get to know your team and how they work?

Have you made a commitment to the work and the company?

Are everyone you work with getting along with one another?

Are changes happening quickly and consistently?


Do you have a sense of your team’s priorities and goals?

Do you know what your team is focusing on and what they’re working on?

Do they have a plan for the next six months?

Do their goals align with yours or with those of your previous team?

Are goals and plans being set in stone and are the team moving toward them?


Do your teams work well?

Do your team meet expectations?

Is everyone in the company communicating well and working well together?

Is a lot of friction occurring?

Are meetings open and productive?

Are communication tools working?

Is team communication flowing smoothly?

Is communication between the team and the customer open?

Are members of the team listening to each other?

Are feedback from customers and peers being shared?

Are clients paying attention?

Are projects getting done and are people getting work done?

Are customers being successful with their requests?

Are project timelines aligned with deadlines?

Are employees in the team working as a team?


Are meetings and meetings being made?

Do there are issues with communication?

Are discussions moving forward smoothly?

Are issues and misunderstandings arising?

Are problems being addressed?

Are ideas being discussed?

Are teams getting along?

Are all stakeholders in the office listening to one another and working together?

Are stakeholders and the public in the same room?

Are a lot more people participating in the work?

Is anyone taking time to take time to breathe?

Are staff members getting to know each other and what their roles are?

Are meeting rooms being made available?

Are customer questions being answered?

Are teammates having fun?

Are some projects going well?

Are workflows moving in the right direction?

Are tasks being executed?

Are bugs being fixed?

Are processes being executed smoothly?


Do the projects you’re working with fit the company’s goals and expectations?

Do projects fit the goals of your current or future customers?

Are each project’s goals aligned?

Are those goals being met?

Are expectations aligned?

Do tasks fit within your project timeline?

Do all of your stakeholders have a good time with the work you’re doing?

Are opportunities for new projects and ideas being realized?

Are improvements being made to the projects that you’re currently working on.

Do all team members have a great time?

Are everything working well?


Do project milestones align with deadlines and deadlines are being met.

Are the projects being delivered on time?

Have the deadlines been met?

Have project timelines been met and are they moving in a timely manner?

Are milestones being met and can they be met?


Are project milestones being respected.

Are everyone in your team working hard?

Are every person on the team having a

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