How to design a $1,000-a-month apartment for a young person

Posted March 24, 2019 06:20:17The cost of living is increasing and housing costs are rising in Australia.

But the young person who needs to buy a home may have to wait up to four years for the right place to rent.

A new ABC documentary about the housing crisis is being made and its story tells us how to make a living and save for the future.

This is a story about the people we love, the places we love and the future we can build.

The program, titled The Baby Boom, tells the story of a young family, a baby boy, a mother and two sisters who are living in a $200,000 property in Melbourne.

The family is working from home and is renting a house with a fixed rate.

The father works for a financial company and the mother works part time for a company.

They are living comfortably in a place that has never been theirs before.

The father works at the construction site.

He works 12-hour days and he has a full-time job.

“I do everything.

I’m a father, I’m the breadwinner.

I spend a lot of time in my car, which is like a bike, and I take my dogs to the dog park.”

He has three kids, ages 12, nine and eight.

He said he was “a little bit of a burden” on his family but he didn’t want to leave the house alone.

It was his job to take care of his kids, he said.

“I just think that it’s better to be a little bit older and have more responsibility, be a bit more responsible.

And to give more to the community.”

The ABC contacted the owner of the house, who said he wasn’t interested in talking about the programme.

But the owner said he understood why the ABC was interested in the family.

“This is my house, this is my family.

And I would like to have a say in what goes on with it,” he said, adding the family had been renting it for a couple of years.

The ABC then contacted a property management company who said they were the only person who could rent the property.

The property management told the ABC it was “not a property” and that it would not be resold for rent.

“We will continue to provide the rental services and help the family maintain the property as it is,” the company said.

Its owner said they had offered to buy the property but that the family wouldn’t sell until they could afford to buy.

They said they would give them the option to buy, but they weren’t willing to sell for the price they were asking.

The house has a swimming pool, gym, a small terrace and is currently for sale for $200 a month.

The father is now living in Melbourne, where he is a full time construction worker.

The story tells the family how to pay for the mortgage, pay for groceries, rent and a house down payment.

The mother is now in Melbourne with her kids, who are all aged three and four.

She said she and her husband have lived in Australia for the past 15 years, but she has only been here for six months.

“It’s been a great experience,” she said.

She says the family has been paying off their mortgage for about a year now.

“So we’ve just had a really nice little run here.

We’ve had to go through a few downs here and a few ups there.”

But I think it’s been really great.

“The mother and the father both say they would be open to selling their home if it was available.

But they said they didn’t know anyone who was willing to rent it.

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