A graphic designer’s proposal to transform Houston’s downtown into a ‘hyper-cultural city’

Graphic design is an essential part of the Houston creative economy.

But in the past year, Houston has witnessed an explosion in the number of companies seeking to create interactive digital solutions for their clients.

Now, some creative types are trying to take advantage of the booming market by offering a more affordable alternative to traditional graphic design services.

Graphic designer Sarah Odom’s project, “City of Colors”, would transform the city into a “hyper-cultural city”, by bringing together the city’s diverse communities through interactive, digital installations and exhibits.

She describes her work as “a visual manifesto that would transform Houston as a hub for global culture”.

Sarah’s work, as well as others, has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

It has garnered more than 100 awards from international and national publications, including the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Geographic Society, and Artforum.

Sarah’s project was the subject of a short documentary that was shown at SXSW this year.

The “City Of Colors” exhibition, which opened this past summer, features six interactive projects that explore the connections between Houston’s diverse cultures.

One of the project’s main elements is a multi-media installation called “The City Of Colors”.

This large-scale interactive installation features an interactive visual interpretation of Houston’s cityscape.

“The city is all about connecting us with the other,” Sarah told The Local.

“I’m a visual artist, and this is about creating an urban hub, connecting Houston to other cities.

It’s a visual project that’s all about connectivity and connecting.”

The project is also a collaboration between Sarah’s graphic design company, Digital City Studios, and a number of other local companies and individuals.

The City Of Color project’s designers are currently working with the National Institutes of Health to make the “City” interactive exhibit a reality.

The project will also be available to view at the Texas Arts Center in Houston, the Texas Museum of Contemporary Art, the Houston Art Museum, and several other venues.

“What I like about the concept is it’s very much a hybrid of interactive and interactive design,” Sarah said.

“It’s not just one thing and then there’s another thing and it’s another.”

The exhibit, “The Story of Houston”, is based on a graphic novel by Houston author James Patterson, “Tales From The Streets Of Houston”, published in 1993.

The book is based upon Patterson’s own experiences and travels to Houston in the early 1990s.

The graphic novel follows a group of citizens living in the city as they try to overcome social stigma and discrimination.

“We’ve all heard stories of racism and discrimination in Houston,” Sarah explained.

“But I’m just fascinated by how the story of the city is intertwined with the story behind it.

I thought it was a really cool idea to bring all these disparate stories together and then see how they connect.”

The exhibition is also being made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

“Our grant to Digital City Studio is a really great example of the kind of work that can be done to help bring innovative solutions to communities around the world,” Sarah noted.

“In the same way that I am trying to help the Houston arts community, we are also trying to bring the digital solutions to the world.”

The City of Colors is the culmination of the six months of design work Sarah has put into the project.

The interactive elements are the main focus of her project.

Sarah said her work has focused on bringing a global perspective to the city.

“This is a city where you can live in a city that is diverse, where people of all different backgrounds are welcome,” Sarah added.

“So when you see the diverse and unique elements of the environment, that’s what you’re seeing.”

Sarah said the city was the “heart of a lot of my projects”.

The interactive pieces are part of a larger project called “Civic Spaces” that includes interactive installations at the Houston Public Library, the University of Houston, and other venues throughout the city and the city of Houston.

The city of downtown will be transformed into a vibrant, hyper-cultural hub by the end of this year, when Sarah will complete the “Tiles of the City” installation.

The artwork is part of “The Urban Tiles”, a new series of interactive installations that will include more than 30 interactive elements.

“There are a lot more cities around the globe than Houston, so I think this is an opportunity for us to showcase the cities of the world that are so close together,” Sarah observed.

“Cities like Hong Kong, Dubai, or Tokyo are all interconnected, and they have so much to offer.

So we’re trying to show that they can be as vibrant and vibrant as Houston.”

“Citizens” will be the first part of Sarah’s interactive project.

“Each city has a different identity, and that identity has been shaped by its history,” Sarah pointed out

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