What’s behind the surge in Coursera’s new courses?

Posted by CNN on July 29, 2018 03:23:15 Courserate has created a new course for high school students that will have them learn how to create the kind of interactive learning materials that will allow them to solve the problem of global warming.

The new course, called The Global Climate Solution, was launched on July 25, 2018.

The course has been described as a “revolutionary introduction” to creating the kind-of-digital learning material that will help students become climate change experts.

“What we’re trying to do is give them an opportunity to go beyond the material that they have at home, or their own expertise,” said Eric Cerny, co-founder and president of Courserat, in an interview with CNN.

“We’re trying, I think, to create a new kind of learning experience.”

This interactive learning experience will be taught via a smartphone app called Courserase, and will take students through the material in an online, interactive video tutorial.

It’s a step toward building a more accessible and engaging digital education that more people can learn from.

Courseras “global climate solution” will start as a series of lessons and will be supplemented with quizzes and quizzes, videos, quizzes that will test students’ knowledge on specific topics, Cernys said.

The class will cover topics ranging from how to develop interactive projects for a variety of audiences to how to apply the data to make the best decisions about climate change, he said.

Coursers course will cover the basics of video editing, graphics design, web design, and social media.

Cernymys said the goal is to provide students with a better understanding of how to build a “global warming problem-solving toolkit.”

In the past, Courserases curriculum has been focused on high school and college students.

“This course is going to be more for people who have gone through school, who are in college, and have done some work, or who have had a lot of exposure to science,” Cerniesty said.

“These are people who are more likely to have been exposed to a variety and variety of issues, and to be able to put that together in a very effective way, and then they can use that knowledge to make a decision.”

Students will be able download the course from Courserahost, Coursers website, Courses app, or the Courserab website.

Courses co-creator Eric Cervantes said that it’s a great opportunity for the technology companies behind the course to showcase their latest technologies to help students better understand what they’re working on.

“When people go to the Coursers platform, they can see the latest products, and they can really see the technologies that are used in their courses,” Cervante said.

In the course, students will be learning about how to use an interactive screen, the most popular apps for smartphones, and how to interact with social media to make it easier to share information about climate changes.

They’ll also learn about how the technologies are being used to solve real-world problems.

In addition to being an interactive learning course, The Global Weather Solution also aims to help people understand what is going on around the world with the aid of data.

Cervings course will include some “real-world examples,” such as the recent rise in hurricanes and wildfires in the U.S., and how those changes can impact people’s lives, Cervies said.

But it also aims for students to get a better sense of the science behind what’s happening around the globe, as well as how climate change is affecting the environment and people.

“Our goal is for people to be better prepared for what’s going to happen if things go poorly,” Cevals said.

Cercantes said the Courses platform will be free of charge, and that it will not have a paid option.

Cours will offer the course for $40 per semester starting July 1.

Courers is also looking to expand the course offerings in the coming months.

“Over the next year, we are going to continue to look at different things, and we are really excited about building more of a global climate solution,” Cerces said.

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