How to get your name right in your resume and cover letter

Polygon article How to choose a name for your resume, cover letter, and any other piece of paper you may be submitting.

First, consider your goals and expectations for your role.

Do you want to be recognized for your work?

For your role in the company?

How would you like to be remembered?

For a job you might have held for years?

If you want the best possible chance of landing the job you’re applying for, choose a title that’s appropriate for your background and career goals.

Second, look at what people would say about your work.

Can they tell you a story about the job?

How does it relate to your personal and professional experiences?

Do you have a story that speaks to your strengths or weaknesses?

Third, consider how the job will help you grow in the job market.

Will your job make you more employable?

Will your work improve the quality of your work or your overall experience?

Do your colleagues or employers find you attractive?

Do they think your resume or cover letter is professional?

Will you be able to find work that matches your qualifications and experience?

Fourth, ask yourself, “Would my resume or title make me more employability?”

If the answer is no, consider whether your career path would help you to be employable in the workplace.

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Polygon also has an interactive job search tool to help you find the best jobs for you.

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