“Robert’s been a great guy to work with for almost 17 years. Thanks to him, my individual art listings consistently appear at the top of the search engine rankings and I’ve got the best looking original comic art website on the internet. The latter is what my customers tell me all the time.”
—Hans Kosenkranius Tri-State Original Art, Inc.

“I really enjoyed working with Robert. He has incredible dexterity between his creative right brain and his technical left brain. He’s always in sync with the creative needs of the project’s design concept and he brings tons of ideas to the table, and he’s got the technical chops to make the ideas a reality. 
He is professional, he delivers on time and I highly recommend Robert (did I mention he’s a really nice guy?).”
— Jon Baker, Jon Baker Productions

“I am the co-creator of the music software, Secret Composer. Not only did Robert Gerson create a stunning visual design and layout for our web site and for all of our product packaging, he solved our most complex technical website demands. As an added bonus, he successfully landed us — a two year old company — on page one, at the top of the search results page for several relevant google and yahoo searches. Our search ranking is higher than our competitors, who have been in business for over twenty years. I can’t recommend Robert Gerson enough!”
— Gary Guttman, Secret Composer Software